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Bashir Mkhtal....

Lonely battle to free relative held in Ethiopia

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By Dana Borcea
The Hamilton Spectator(Apr 19, 2007)

Said Maktal of Hamilton has waged an exhausting and often lonely battle for information about his cousin who disappeared in Africa more than three months ago.

He has hired lawyers, petitioned politicians and spent countless hours glued to his computer hunting for clues. The father of two has sacrificed work, sleep and time with his infant daughter and newborn son.

He says he has no choice. His cousin's life is on the line and family members around the
 world expect that as a Canadian, Maktal can save him.

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the case.

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Said Maktal needs Ottawa to help free his imprisoned cousin.

Bashir Makhtal chronology:

Dec. 30 -- Canadian citizen and former Toronto resident Bashir Makhtal is arrested while trying to cross the Kenyan border after fleeing the threat of civil war in Somalia. After several weeks, he is deported back to Somalia and then on to Ethiopia.

-- His cousin, Hamilton resident, Said Maktal, learns of his arrest from family in Ethiopia and begins a campaign for

information about his whereabouts and well-being.

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makhtal lawyer's Press release


The Family and Supporters of Bashir Makhtal are very disappointed with the decision of the Ethiopian Court to convict Bashir and sentence him to life imprisonment.  According to all independent observers trial procedure in Ethiopia are not fair and the judiciary is not independent. The US Department of State had this to say on the Ethiopian trial procedures: