Bashir's Bio

Bashir Makhtal is a Canadian citizen originally from Ogaden, a territory occupied by Ethiopia since the European division of the African continent in 1886. Bashir Makhtal is in his late thirties and is married with no children.

Makhtal’s family was among many Ogaden families that fled Ogaden to Somalia due to renewed hostilities between the Ogaden Somalis and the Haile Sellasie regime in the nineteen sixties and the seventies.

Makhtal took his early education in Somalia. He came to Canada in 1991. He studied computer science at the DeVry Institute of Technology in Toronto.

He later went to State of Texas to complete his bachelors of Science degree.

Makhtal lived in Toronto’s Riverdale neighborhood all his time in Ontario, Canada. He became a Canadian citizen in 1994. He worked as senior programmer at two of Canada’s biggest banks i.e. Bank of Montreal and CIBC.

From 2002 up until December 2006 Makhtal did business outside Canada, in countries such as Kenya, Djibouti, Somalia, Eritrea and United Arab Emirates.

On December 31st, Kenyan authorities detained Makhtal while he was attempting to cross the Kenya border from Somalia. Kenya illegally rendered him to Ethiopia via Somalia on January 20th.


Friends and family of the Free Bashir Makhtal Campaign


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